Thursday, February 24, 2011

two art journal pages and my first piece of mail art

Here are pictures of two art journal pages I finished recently, as well as a picture of my first piece of mail art. I made the postcard for a CFE that asked for art that deals with travel and stamps. I used three stamps, three pieces of text in various languages, and a piece of scrapbooking cardstock.


  1. Hello Erica, thank you so much for visit my Flirck album, love your first piece of mail art, congratulations!
    Cheers, Andrea

  2. Erica - the postcard with the 3 stamps was sent to ME! I don't remember if I ever responded to you directly, but thank you so much for that awesome piece!! Right around the time of my CFE, I had a workspace set up in my basement to create replies for everyone. Then I had a flood in my basement, and quickly packed everything up so it wouldn't get ruined. It was months before I got back to everything, but I lost my focus. So I'm sorry if I never responded directly, but I loved your postcard and have used it in several displays. Feel free to contact me at and I'll send you photos of the exhibit. Thanks, Cal


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