Wednesday, July 13, 2022

in the splendor of the summertime

June and July have been fun! I have been able to crochet a lot and also work on some other crafty goodness. I found inspiration in this painted rock tutorial that I saw online on Saturday. On Sunday, I drew a geometric design on a rock and then painted in the colors using paint pens. I think the result is great! Yesterday, I finished crocheting a jellyfish stuffed toy for a friend of mine. If you would like to buy a crocheted jellyfish or another item from my shop, please visit my Etsy shop, GreenOwlCrochet. I also accept commissions. Thank you!

This is the painted stone I made on Sunday.

This is the cute jellyfish stuffed toy I made.

I was not very creative as a kiddo. However, I found this painting I made as a child. I was probably six years old when I made this painting. Sweet!

cozy season is almost over

The cold weather here is almost gone. Spring will come soon enough. In other words, the seasons of coziness are almost over. I'm looking...