Sunday, December 31, 2023

a poem for this day

New Year’s Eve

The new year’s

hazy night sky 

is upon us

and we think 

to ourselves 

what beauty

the future 

could hold.

Of course

we are scared 

of the many 

atrocities in the

great-big world,

yet we know

we must survive.

So we give 

each other 

Mona Lisa smiles

and go to bed 

with exhausted minds

and hopeful hearts.

December 31, 2023

Internal/External (drawing on postcard)

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Sunday, December 10, 2023

hobbies and interests

What is a hobby or interest you have that other people may find odd? I do pen paling, mail art, and postal swaps, so I send and receive a lot of snail mail. Sometimes, when I tell people that I send out approximately twenty pieces of mail each week, I get some weird looks and comments. A lot of younger people I’ve met don’t even know that there is an active pen paling scene. It’s wild because I cannot imagine my life without mail. I just love this hobby so much! How about you all? By the way, you can support me by leaving me a tip on PayPal or checking out my Etsy shop. I also accept crochet commissions. 

mail art from 2013

so much goodness

Hello, dear friends! I have been fairly busy with babysitting and also caring for two baby parrots. The parrots are being weaned by my dad a...