Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November Excitement!

If you know anything about my life, the title of this post may seem like somewhat of a misnomer. However, despite the limitations imposed on me by my disabilities, I'm finding ways to have fun and to be connected with my community, friends, and the world in general. And I think this is exciting! 

Of course, I've been keeping up with crocheting and mail art. Recently, I made an autumn wreath, a cowl, an ear warmer, and a chicken sweater. The chicken sweater is for a chicken rescue in the UK, but the rest of the items I got paid for (yay!). Also, I've been writing letters, keeping my journal current, and writing a few poems. Outside of my usual home life, I've been going to support groups, doing volunteer ESL tutoring, going to church activities, taking a Spanish class, volunteering at an animal shelter, and doing yoga.

Enjoy the pictures of a recent piece of mail art, a jar cozy, and the autumn wreath!

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2015 Update

I know, I know... I've been neglecting this blog. Nonetheless, I've been making mail art and crocheting a lot lately. I've mostly been making postcards while at the cafe in the bookstore or otherwise away from my studio area. As a result, I have limited materials. I'll include a picture of what my "art on-the-go" kit looks like. I have two pouches I carry around with me: one pouch has just papers (scrapbooking papers, random ephemera, etc) and the other pouch has some random supplies like a glue stick, some markers, etc. As for crocheting, I recently made two guerilla art pieces that incorporate crochet: a mason jar cozy and a rock cozy. I'll include pictures of both projects. Have a good summer, all! Cheers!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March = mail art galore!

I've been making quite a bit of mail art lately. I don't have a studio area in my Dad's house (which is where I'm living now). Despite this, I've been able to crank out some decent mail art. I've mostly been making postcards lately. I even made some postcards while at Panera (the cafe). I've also been crocheting. I have a couple of WIPs (works-in-progress) going, including a kelly green headband I'm making for St. Patrick's Day. I may also get a couple of orders soon, since a local librarian I know wants me to make something for a baby shower she is going to and someone I follow on Twitter wants a pair of earrings. Score! I love to be paid to crochet!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Update!

I've been crocheting quite a bit. I made a cat bed (for our local animal shelter), three headbands, a cowl, and some hats (including a chemo cap for a friend's mother). I've also been writing at bit and making some mail art. I made five postcards (including a valentine for my pen pal Honi C.) and three envelopes. Yesterday, I wrote four poems in under ten minutes. The idea was to just play and experiment without worrying about the outcome. The poems are very silly and random! I'll be mailing them to some of my mail art pals. It was fun to write them! I should be this free more often.

On the bright side...
Shine brighter blue than sapphires,
bloodier than the red of rubies,
he wove a partial tapestry of full of despair,
at least it makes good fodder for movies.

A parrot on my shoulder,
for me she lays eggs.
But who is behind that curtain?
I see a strong set of legs.

Of beaks and wishes
Her beak is huge and bicolored-
cream and black,
set a wish on a penny toss
and never get it back.

Friends, lovers, birds
I have no one for company,
save some birds and perhaps a muse.
Is life really composed this way?
Some say it's just a ruse...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January crocheted goodness!

     I'm so very happy to announce that Anne, who bought the stuffed cactus from my store, Green Owl Crochet, really likes the cactus I made for her. She even left a stellar review for my store. Thank you, Anne!
     In related news, I crocheted a pair of earrings and a patriotic lanyard. I'll soon be making more earrings. I bought some of Lion Brand's "Vanna's Glamour" yarn so I can make a pair of earrings with fancy metallic yarn. Right now, however, I'm working on crocheting hats and mittens for some folks who are homeless. So far, I made one blue hat and I'm halfway done with a red hat. They are made with bulky yarn, so they'll be nice and warm. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review of "The Artist's Library"

     I found out about the book called The Artist's Library while browsing for books on Amazon. Amazon suggested this book for me because I had viewed a book called Bibliocraft by Jessica Pigza (Pigza is a crafty librarian who also wrote the introduction for The Artist's Library). Based on the title and the synopsis, I immediately knew that I had to check my local library system (the Bergen County Cooperative Library System) to see if they had the book. To my great fortune, they did, and I so I requested it through the Inter-Library Loan. You see, if I were able to finish college and then go to graduate school, I would certainly look into becoming a librarian. However, even though I cannot finish the academic requirements to be a librarian, I still enjoy reading about libraries and librarianship. So, a book that combines libraries and the arts? Yes, please!
     The Artist's Library started off as a blog called The Library as Incubator Project. It's a great blog, but I hadn't heard of it before checking out The Artist's Library. The authors of The Artist's Library, Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer, also created the blog (along with Christina Endres). I highly suggest you check out their blog, especially if you're not sure if you should buy The Artist's Library. The Library asIncubator Project shares many stories of artistic folks using their community's libraries in creative ways. This is basically about which the book aims to give suggestions. The Artist's Library, however, is much more straight-forward with their tips and instruction, and also contains fun exercises. The drawback to the book versus the blog is that the book only contains a few of stories shared on the blog.
     I'd recommend The Artist's Library to any artist, and especially artists living in the USA and other countries that have a solid system of free, public libraries. By the way, when the authors say “artist”, they're including a broad range of people, including musicians, actors, painters, poets, and the like. They are not only talking about professional artists, either. I found much of the advice helpful, even though I could be described as a hobbyist.
   The book gives you many suggestions on how to utilize the free resources available in libraries. The authors mostly focus on public libraries, but some of the advice can apply to other types of libraries you have access to, as well. For example, The Artist's Library gives you advice on how you can pitch a program idea to libraries so you can organize programs alongside librarians.

     I found The Artist's Library to be a fun and eye-opening guide. It's chock full of useful advice for artists, whether they be professionals or not. If you've ever wondered what your library has to offer you as an artist, The Artist's Library will provide you with ample tips and examples.

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