Friday, July 24, 2020

sweet dreams are made of these

     I have often had weird, vivid dreams that seem to last for a long time. I frequently write down my dreams in my journal. If my journal is not handy or if I am stuck in bed, I will write my dreams on any available paper or type it out on my smart phone. On occasion, I will have a short dream or a dream I consider insignificant. I rarely record the details of such dreams. However, my dreams are usually as odd and complex as the one I will share with you all later on in this post.
     One of my friends, Joshua, is doing a project involving dreams. They posted a Google form the other day. The Google form asks you to share details of the dream you had the night before, like the characters, the plot, etc. This is the dream I shared with Joshua. 

"I was at an amusement park. I went on a ride that went through a house of some sort. I then went on a ride that somehow took you through Japan. This ride led to me being in an airborne contraption. We were in the contraption for a long time. This woman (I got the feeling she was an employee of the amusement park) was attempting to sexually assault the other passengers, but I somehow was able to manage not being attacked by her. We finally landed. It was a relief. I was then in a fast food restaurant with my dad, Rachel Z (a former classmate of mine from high school), and two employees of the restaurant. There was a snow storm and we were trapped in the restaurant. The lights went off and one of the employees went to go get help while my dad slept. Rachel and I ate cherry cheesecake."

What kind of dreams do you have? Do you ever use your dreams as a starting point for art and/or writing projects? 

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