Sunday, March 24, 2019

Composition (poem)


You are from the plenitude 
of stars in our vast 
heavens. And you are
made of the clear water that
runs through deep 
valley streams. And 
most of all, you are 
dedicated to the 
planets, the estuary,
the quasars, the
leaves of marjoram, the 
jasper, and the 
totality of being.

March 2019 update!

     Hello, mates! It's the early morning here in New Jersey. I'm awake so that I can feed the baby birds. I figured now is as good of a time as any to update my blog. 
     Last week, I was able to make some art! I made six pieces of art on canvas or cardboard and three pieces of art on 4" x 6" postcards. I was so happy to finally be able to make some art! I'll share some pictures of my art below. Please don't forget that I am @EricaBerrie Instagram. I share more of my art, crochet projects, etc on there.
     I've also been crocheting a bit. Recently, I've made an ear warmer, a wreath (for a customer), and two hats. I also worked on the granny square lap blanket I had started back on Christmas day at my cousins' house. I love having at least one large, easy crochet project going at any given time. If you're interested in buying any of my crocheted goods or commissioning me to crochet something for you, please check out my Etsy shop, Green Owl Crochet. Thank you! 
One of the hats I made! March 22, 2019

Bermuda Circles (mixed-media on canvas)

Angelina and Erica March 2019

Tanager Senna (mixed-media on cardboard)

Yes!! (mixed-media on canvas)

a poem for this day

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